Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wow it's been ober a year since me has written something on me blog. So much has happened in me and Bugz lives. Me turned 6 year old in March and Bugz has hims 5th birthday coming up faster than a dog can wag himz nubby. Me iz going to have to find time to steal mommyz computer and start writing again.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girl Camping with Mommy and Auntie Margaret

Me, Bugs and Hank had a real adventure with Mommy and Auntie Margert this weekend. We went "Girl Camping" with thems. Now how thems figgered it was girl camping with 3 boy dogs is beyond this boxer's reasoning but that's what thems called it.

The camp site them "girls" pickeded was really cool. There was deer bones spread around all ober tha place. Me would go and get a bone to chew on and that ole Bugs would steal it. Finally me got tired of it and we had a small fight to settle things. Mommy and Auntie Margaret wasn't real happy about that. Hank was smart enough to stay out of tha whole thing.

We had tents to sleep in instead of the house on wheels. Me and Bugs had never slept in a tent before. The first night was really, really cold!! Bugs finally snuck into Mommy's bed to sleep next to her, but me was very stoic and slept on the rug and shivered. Ya know tents aren't all that secure, especially when you hears coyotes howling like we did in that middle of tha night. Hank told us hims was a bit nervous about them but when hims didn't hear us growling figgered it was okay. Mommy thought it was kind of cool to hear in a distance. Hers might have been more nervous if thems had been close.

The next day we had so much fun! We got to go on lots of walks through the woods and chased the ball. We chased the ball so much that my shoulder was really, really sore. Thank goodness for Auntie Margerts first aid kit! Hers gave us all aspring in bits of chicken to make us feel better. We was having a really good time until that ole wind got up. Do you know what it's like to try an sleep in a tent that keeps moving cause of tha wind??? Mommy said hers didn't get no sleep at all cause of that wind. We, me and Bugs, both climbed into Mommy's bed to sleep cause all that wind was making us unsettled. Me don't think any of us got any sleep.

Now here is the important part!!! The next morning Mommy and Auntie Margaret decided they had had enough of all tha wind and decided it was time to go home. We dogs was all for that cause the wind was still blowing really hard and we didn't like it none. While tha humans was breaking camp this really dumb man came walkin down tha road. Hank didn't like him so hims growled and raised hims hackles a bit. Me and Bugs decided to go out into the road to see who hims was. Do you know that silly man pointed a rifle at me and Bugs. It was a good thing Auntie Margaret saw what was happening and yelled at the man not to shoot me, otherwise me wouldn't me here telling this boxer tale. See Mommy and Auntie Margaret said us dogs job was to protect them while we was "girl camping". This stupid man was yelling "noooooo" and waving the rifle around. Me saw this as agresinve behavior on hims part and reacted in kind. Mommy kept telling the man to lower hims rifle and let thems get us dogs. When the man quited down and lowered the rifle me was fine, but hims wouldn't shut up or stop behaving in an aggresive manner and me had to protect mommy. The man finally stopped shouting and waving the rifle around long enough for our peoples to grab our collars and put us in the car. Personally me thinks me should have bit the dumb man but then me would probably not be here and Mommy would be very very sad. Why are people so stupid?? Anyway, as Mommy says, alls well that ends well and she's happy to know me would defend if!!! Mommy can tell you she is really, really happy nothing bad happened to us boys cause she would have bit the man herself and hers says that would not have been pretty.

Friday, February 05, 2010

We have a heavy heart

Mommy just told us tha saddest news in tha world. Our good bully friend Bailey, or bette known as Baywee has crossed over tha Rainbow Bridge today. Her mommy had just found out that Baywee had a heart condition and was doing everything hers could but Baywee's heart gave out on tha way to tha vet. Baywee, we (me, Bugs and Mommy) will miss you a lot. Rest in peace sweet little bully dog.

Monday, September 07, 2009


Twice this weekend me haz managed to get out tha front door when Daddy openned it and chased wabbits down tha street!!! Me had no idea how fast them little wascally critterz are, and themz zips and divez all ober tha place. Both timez themz ran and hide at tha last house on tha street. Me is sure Daddy waz glad of that cause if themz had run into the ball field, Daddy wouldn't have been able to lure me back with tha promise of a car ride. Yep, both timez me went after tha ole wabbit, Daddy and Mommy got me attention but asking me if me wanted to go for a ride......and me fell for it both timez. Now me is a much smarter boxer pup than that and for tha most part me iz smarter than me peoplesz but when themz mentionz "ride" me forgetz it could be a trick and comez running back home az fast az me me boxer legz can run. And why shouldn't me, tha car door iz open and waiting for me to jump in, then Mommy reachez into tha car and leadz me back into tha house. Next time me isn't going to fall for that trick and me iz going to catch that wascally wabbit too!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bugs Birthday Party

Well Monday waz Bugz E Doodle Esq's birfday and we iz still waiting for the birfday party. Monday Daddy had to work and Mommy went to Auntie Margaret'z houze to help her do something and there waz no party. Oh themz all said "Happy Birfday Bugz" but no cheeze burgerz or ice cream like last year. In fact Mommy and Daddy said Bugz would know tha difference if tha party waz put off until today. Daddy even said dogz don't have no sense of time. Oh really.......... well me iz here to tell you that we know there waz suppose to be a party yesterday and it didn't happen. Then there waz supposed to be a party tonight and again it'z been postponed until tomorrow. Grrrrrrr at this rate it'll be Bugz "Gottcha Day" in Nobember before themz getz around to himz birfday party. Me will keep you posted about the pending "late birfday" party.

Murphy, who wantz himz cheeseburger and ice cream.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going to have a birthday party!!!

Monday is Bugz E Doodle esq's birfday. Himz will be 3 years old. Me can't believe it!!! That little pest will be 3 years old. This means we iz going to have a birfday party with all tha trimingz. Me hopez Mommy rememberz to invite cousin Hank to come and help me and Bugz celebrate. Me iz looking forward to tha cheeseburgerz and ice cream Mommy and Daddy iz going to get for us at McDonaldz. If we iz lucky we is both going to get new toyz. Only problem iz ole Bugz wantz me new toy az well as himz new toy. You would think having one new toy would be enough but nooo, not Bugz. Himz is one greedy dog, not like himz big brother, me, at all.

Now me must go look at tha calendar and count how many dayz it iz til Monday.


Monday, August 10, 2009

There is no place like home.

We is back from being camping dogz and pampered poochez at tha doggy B&B and me can tell you for a dog gone fact, there iz no place like home!!!! Don’t get me wrong, me and Bugz had a big ole time playing with cuzin Hank and going for lotz and lotz of walkz in the woodz. There iz a down side to being camping dogz and that iz having to be tied up when we wazn’t going for walkz. See it’z like thiz, in public camp groundz tha rulez is that all dogz has to be tied up or on a leash no more than 6 feet. When me and Bugz goez camping in tha woodz we don’t get tied up. Nope then we iz camping dogz 1st class!

Anyway, we got to chaze lotz of them black squirrelz and little chipmunkz but we never did get to catch none of them. Who know something so little could be so fast. Them squirrelz would run up tha treez and then turn a round and chatter at me and Bugz. Sometimez themz even stuck out their little squirrel tonguez at uz. If me an Bugz could have caught one of them critterz it would have been tha end of them mocking uz, that iz for sure!!! Bugz had tha bestest time cause him found some stinky ole poop to role in. Mommy didn’t realize himz had done thiz and got poop on her handsz tying to pet him. Everybody in our camp thought thiz waz pretty funny, even Mommy. Me thinkz Bugz was a little bit embarrazzed about it.

After camping with our peoplez for 3 days we got taken to the doggy b&b. Don’t get me wrong it iz a really nice place to stay if you have to be separated from your human family but it aint home. We had our own room, yep you read right, our own room, complete with a sofa for me and a big chair for Bugz, a TV, rugz and toyz. The b&b iz much better than going to tha kennel but it sure aint home. We thought for sure we had been abandoned when Mommy and Daddy didn’t come get uz right away. We waited and waited and waited for them to come back but it took them 5 dayz to find themz way back to where they had left uz. Me thinkz themz waz losted in tha woodz and didn’t have uz to help them find themz way out.

Me and Bugz waz really sad and moped around and didn’t eat but then all of a sudden we heard a familiar sound…….tha sound of Daddy’z truck az it pulled into that driveway. We waz outside in tha play yard when we heard it and boy did we get excited! When the nice lady let uz in tha back door and we heard Mommy’z voice it waz all we could do to keep from knocking her over. Me had planned on being pouty and pretending me didn’t care that she waz back but me couldn’t do it. Me waz so happy, me jumped way up off the ground 3 timez and up into Mommy’z face and kissed her right on tha mouth. When her opened the door to let uz out we went straight to tha truck and jumped in so we wouldn’t get lefted again. Tha whole way home me and Bugz tried to lay our headz on her shoulder so we could kiss her. Herz waz laughing at uz and our anticz.

This boxer dog iz here to tell you that we iz glad to back in our comfy houze with our own furniture and TV and Mommy and Daddy. There iz really no place like home.